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MBBS in Philippines for Indian Students | Davao Medical College Fees

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Are you looking for the low-cost medical college to study MBBS in Philippines? If Yes, then apply for admission at the most reputed and popular medical college in the country, the Davao Medical College. One of the best choices for Indian candidates to study medical education in the Philippines by spending low money on the program.

MBBS in Philippines

MBBS in Philippines has become a popular destination for abroad study in recent years. There are so many destinations for abroad medical study in which thousands of Indian students apply for admission. Among all the popular destinations, the Philippines is in trending among Indian candidates in the past few years as all the popular medical universities in the country provide the world-class medical education to students.

Study MBBS Abroad in Philippines is cost friendly as all the colleges have low tuition fees for Indian medical candidates. The MBBS in Philippines Fees is around Rs. 16L to Rs. 28L which students need to pay directly to the college. We have listed some colleges below along with their tuition fees and hostel fees for Indian candidates.

 Davao Medical College Philippines Fees 

 Davao Medical College is one of the top medical institutions in Philippinesopen for Indian candidates to pursue the MBBS program. It is founded in 1976and is situated in Mindanao city to offer medical education at an affordable tuition fees. The Davao Medical College Philippines Fees for Indianapplicants is affordable for Indian candidates and they need to pay around Rs. 20L for the complete program including hostel fees. 

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