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Crimea Medical University: One of the Best for MBBS in Russia

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Studying MBBS abroad can be a life-changing decision depending on the choice of the college of a student. Selecting the most suitable country and institution for yourself is one of the most critical parts of the journey of completing the MBBS degree.

Since we all know that Russia is the most preferred country in the world to study MBBS, as it has the highest number of medical universities that are top-ranking among the nation itself and the world. Russia has 54 medical colleges that account for almost 48% of the medical graduates in the continent. One of the topmost universities in Russia is: 


Crimea Federal University is an exceptional and essential fragment in the long terrain of all the top medical universities of Russia. Although V.I. Vernadsky Crimean Federal University was established in 2014 but in less time, the university has been able to grab the attention of all the MBBS aspirants around the world. Most of the highest-ranking medical universities affiliated with world-renowned organizations and education boards are in Russia. According to some surveys of Russia, Crimea Federal University is considered to be the best medical college in Russia.  

The essential feature of this university is that it has redesigned the whole education system according to the modern world's preferences. Its backbone as the faculty team makes the structure even stronger. With its accomplished professors and corresponding academicians, Crimea Federal University Russia does not lack behind providing the best quality of education. The faculty of the Crimea Federal University comprises about 700 professional teachers. 

Crimea Federal University is rated as the 4th best university among Russian medical universities in terms of associating with about 3,000 international students from over 50 countries who aspire yielding quality medical education of MBBS in Russia.

Crimea Federal University world ranking is 5279th, 1689th in the continent, and 25th in the country.  

  • Medical Programs by Crimea Federal University
  • Pre Medical / Foundation Course 
  • MBBS – Bachelor Of Medicine Surgery
  • BDS – Bachelor in Dental Surgery (Dentistry)
  • B.Pharm – Bachelor In Pharmacy
  • Pediatrics – Children Specialist
  • Nursing

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